Russ’ story is the story of so much of the church today. We have so many members who are suffering the ills of addiction and no encouragement to seek help. Russ’ story and life are a great encouragement to all believers to be encouraged to seek help from the Body of Christ to be FREE. …

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The greatest modern movie, about this family disease of alcoholism. I was totally surprised. I am not a person who has much interest in music, of any genre. My wife is the reason we went to this movie. She had been a fan of Russ and heard of this movie about him. Thank God that …

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This movie is still impacting me. One, THANK YOU very much for sharing your story. I am continuing to process all of the information and how it applies and can further be applied to my life. I was completely moved by watching it…Moved toward God!


I have been a “fan” of Russ Taff for many years. I had not idea of the struggles throughout his career. The movie touched my heart – thankful for a God of second chances! Russ’s music will continue to bless the hearts of many!


I saw the movie on Oct. 30. It was really a blessing and a revelation. I was a victim of parental abuse and alcoholism growing up. I suffer from bipolar disorder and suffer from angry outbursts if my disorder is not put in check. I feel that God cares for me more as I watched …

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Seeing this movie inspired me to never stop reaching for God’s hand. See what was going on behind the scenes allowed me to forgive my dad for his behavior as he struggled with alcoholism for decades. Russ Taff’s music was quite literally the soundtrack of my youth and now I can go back and listen …

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Wow! I’ve been a fan of Russ Taff for over two decades, so I was excited to hear his story. Some of the alcoholism-related stories helped clarify some issues I’ve dealt with (in relationships with other people) in my past, but the lessons and principles of faith in our unchanging God apply to many situations. …

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