I’m still trying to get over the emotion from the movie. I’ve lived through a lot of that and what hurts me so is that it is a family curse. My brother is one and I’m afraid my son is. And I could have been but my body can’t tolerate it at all. And I …

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Truthfully just wanted to stay in the bed tonight in depression and God said get up and go you need this so I did by myself so that I can think straight I’m here the message and I absolutely loved it gods grace abounded through the life of the whole family the struggle to strength …

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About 2 years ago breast have came to our little town and sing at a church but only about 20 people attended. He’s still saying as though it was a large crowd. Setup is already equipment and was so open to being talked with afterwards period and prayed with me. He is a very down-to-earth …

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