Though I enjoyed your music ministry through the years, tonight I have a deep respect for you and Tori’s vulnerability and transparency as you communicated God’s miraculous and healing touch on your life and marriage. May God receive the glory as lives are impacted for all eternity.


Powerful story and message. Very educational, eye opening, surely helped so many people become aware of unresolved hurts and how we are to love, confront, and support those who need help. Thanks for sharing! Will it be available for purchase soon?


It’s a beautiful thing to know God has a plan. As he brings us thru year’s of learning, being seasoned. Pre-pared for each day that seems to gather into year’s. Beautiful thing when we relize. Were not just in his plan were connected to it. God’s plan touching lives that may be struggling with the …

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I’m still trying to get over the emotion from the movie. I’ve lived through a lot of that and what hurts me so is that it is a family curse. My brother is one and I’m afraid my son is. And I could have been but my body can’t tolerate it at all. And I …

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Truthfully just wanted to stay in the bed tonight in depression and God said get up and go you need this so I did by myself so that I can think straight I’m here the message and I absolutely loved it gods grace abounded through the life of the whole family the struggle to strength …

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