I saw the movie I Still Believe by myself, while I was out of town on a trip. I was glad I was alone, and could return to my hotel room afterwards to process the message of hope that the film stirred in me. One of my sons has walked away from his relationship with God, claiming to be an atheist now. He has a strong tendency towards addictive behaviors, and has started using alcohol a lot. Watching Russ’ journey into, and then out of alcoholism was overwhelming for me. This was a powerful story of redemption, of the body of Christ standing WITH one of their fallen, and of a commitment to love through the worst of situations. I am so grateful that Russ and Tori allowed you to film their story, and for their being willing to be vulnerable. I hope you will do more films of this caliber, and make them more available to the public. Thank you, thank you!

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